Happy New YearFirst off let me just say Happy New Year to all of us who have managed to make it through the last couple of years. It’s been a lot, more than I think a lot of us realize. A few of you know that this past year was a lot of ups and downs for me. It took me a while to adjust to coming back after my hiatus. All while I was adjusting back to work and school, during covid. Even then that was only a couple of the challenges I dealt with, and for others, it was much worse. So all in all I’m grateful to be sitting here and writing this post. So let’s all put 2021 behind us, and start anew. 

Changes For This Year

First, up my schedule will be staying at the times of 10 AM to 4 PM EST Saturday thru Wednesday. I will not be accepting appointments outside of this time frame, it is truly what works best for me, and deviating often throws me off schedule-wise. This isn’t permanent but it’s what works best for me during this time. 

Secondly, I have begun using Skype for sexting and calls again. There is still the rule that you should email me if you are looking for a session on the same day, as I do not keep Skype open all day as to not distract from any ongoing sessions. So I only check it ever so often if I’m not busy. Part of this is because I hate what I call “screen clutter” it drives me crazy, I don’t even like having three tabs open at once in my browser. Obviously, I’m the one in charge so a lot of this is in place due to my personal preferences. Don’t like, I got a big dick you can just go and suck. Though I know some of you will complain…cause well sucking dick is what you want. No worries I’ll think of something else you complaining cocksuckers can do. 

Sissy Charm School 2022

My big project that I’m super excited about is the sissy charm school I announced a couple of weeks back. You can find details here, as well as sign up. The first post is going up on my birthday which is on the 11th of this month. Woot! Each post will be a lesson WITH audio accompanying it. On that same day, an assignment will also be posted to go along with the lesson. I will be sending out emails to everyone in the gold and diamond tiers with a clear outline of expectations for their tiers, and the dates for when all the lessons go up on the 11th as well. 

Sissy charm school is something I’m very excited about, and hope to cover a lot of topics that have been requested over the last couple of years to help you achieve girlie perfection! Remember when it comes to being a woman our imperfections are often what makes us perfect! 

Others Treats

Coming later this month I will be announcing a fun cocksuckers-only game. A small tip you will need Skype to play it with me. As a reminder to all my good and experienced strokers, my masturbation challenge is still an option to add to any session you can find that here. If you want to practice I even made a mini-masturbation challenge you can get from the audio store here

Let’s make this new year fucking amazing! 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,