Derek had been thinking about giving himself a humiliating cum facial for weeks. After he what he claimed was an accident of licking pre-cum off his fingers jerking off once. Of course before he explored cum eating. Something he found especially hard after a good nut. Thus is where I come in. After searching for the right encouragement Derek stumbled upon me.

The Journey Can Be So Tedious

I’ll be honest our first two sessions were a bust to get him to eat his jizz. Sure it was hot and fun playing around but again that naughty post-nut clarity sets in and he’d back down from the goal he so boldly claimed to want. So we stepped it up moved away from JOI, and experimental roleplaying. He had yet to inform of his wants of a humiliating cum facial, perhaps it was just still in the back of his mind not yet the center focus.  So I advise maybe it would be easier to complete our mutual mission if he was under my watchful eye.

So we planned and settled on a time to move to a Skype session. With instructions to edge every chance through out the day to make sure he was as eager as possible to follow my commands. The added aspect of my watchful eye surely increased the fun and the motivation. As I get very hot seeing men devour their cream. Once the finish came there was some hesitation staring at the cum but my encouraging words helped. I got to feel the victory of helping him complete this goal. Once the cum was eaten we parted our ways but Derek had another want. Another desire.

The Next Day

I awoke to a semi-long email filled with thanks and a bit of beating around the bush. There was something humiliating about me watching him eat his cum. That part he craved to feel again but differently. Purposing that it may be easier if the next time we played that he aim for his mouth and should he miss cream his own face. Now if its not clear already I’m all for cum facials. Especially the humiliating ones. So I teased him a little bit about his desires to have a humiliating cum facial but really I was just spreading the seeds of motivation. Knowing the more I teased it the more he would think about it.

Humiliating Cum Facial

I wasn’t kept waiting long to see the show, again short planning and before I knew it I was once again in front of my screen watching Derek squirm. It was my idea giving the circumstances and false starts from before to make sure gravity was on our side. Once he started to get cross I had him position himself against the wall with his legs up and cock pointed straight at his face. If I looked carefully I could see droplets of pre-cum dripped down hitting his chest as he moaned. Then he begged to be my jizz slut and I gave the command. A nice hard shot of cum hit right center of his face, with a couple of after shots following.

I was gleeful to see the amount that made it to his mouth, and instructed he not wipe off and sit back in front of the camera. Letting me soak in the visual of the cum still dripping down his face while I teased him. Instructing him to wipe it all towards his mouth and swallow. It was such an amazing experience fun and very entertaining to a mistress like myself. The best part is he wishes to go again, just so in love with that feeling of vulnerability.

Your Turn

I wonder do I have other humiliation pets aching for this kind of experience. Perhaps you could be persuaded to put on a little show for me. You know just how to reach me!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress


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