Masturbate On Display

This is a particularly fun one and very easy to know what I mean. If your going to stroke might as well let me watch. Get comfortable, grab some lube and set up the webcam to entertain your mistress. Plus isn’t it nice to share in on the festivities with someone else?

Enjoy Some Mutual Masturbation

Speaking of enjoying festivities with someone, one of the best ways to enjoy Masturbation May is enjoy a fun naughty conversation that two can enjoy.

Try Something New

I’m sure your very familiar with using your hands to jerk off with. How about trying some anal masturbation! Combine that with the first two ideas and we could have a great time!

Set Up Masturbation Time

It’s funny because normally I’m all about orgasm control. However, for this month let’s have some fun. It’s Masturbation May so that’s what I want you to do. Masturbate, set up some goals if you want. Be a little silly. I encourage you to set up at least 20 minutes a day to masturbate. So nice of me right? My idea is you set aside the same time every day. Which I believe could lead to some fun results by the end of the month.

Have fun!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress