It’s well known that there is a long list of fetishes out there. Some very well known and others you may have never even thought about. I’ve recently been intrigued by a fetish that is really fun to play with in my opinion. No, it’s not actually a fetish for the Winter season. However, if it’s something you are into, you will find yourself the most aroused during the cold months.  It’s called Psychrophilia.

What Is Psychrophilia?

Well, it’s a fetish were you get aroused at being cold or just watching another be cold. So it’s no surprise this fetish would be more commonly experienced during Winter. Yes, that means it would be pretty easy to convince someone with this fetish to fuck you in the snow! There is a lot of fun sensual play that can be incorporated into the bedroom. If you or your partner like exploring new fetishes from time to time psychrophilia can be an easy and arousing adventure to explore.  Image the reactions of the body and skin when you tease a single ice cube over someone’s breast and stomach. The body quivers, nipples harden, even breathing increases. Just one example of some cold fetish fun!

So fetish lovers, have any Winter fantasies to share?

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress