It’s My Birthday!

Yep, that’s right, it’s my birthday today. So I decided to do something special to help celebrate with all of you. So I have come up with a special for this weekend starting at midnight on the 15th and ending at 3 am EST on the 18th you can get extra free minutes added to your call with me all weekend long. 

  • Doing 10-25 minute calls get you 5 extra free minutes
  • Doing 30-60 minute calls get’s you 10 extra free minutes
  • This also applies to sexting too
  • Also, any calls over an hour will also receive a personalized audio from me thanking you for being so much fun!

I will be working from 8 pm to 3 am EST during the time of this weekend special. 

So get ready to help me celebrate my birthday this weekend. If you want to spoil me even further or just get me something nice for my birthday you can check out my wishlist by clicking here. Do note because of covid I only have egift cards on there for now. Also thank you in advance to everyone who participates in making sure I have a very awesome birthday this year. I look forward to having some fun with you this weekend. 

Its my birthday