Yes the month of love is upon us! For some this time of year can make us giddy, and others it can make us feel lonely. Generally it’s also quite cold for all of us so having a mistress around can certainly help cure any chilly or loneliness you may suffer from. I want to take the time to share some important things for this February that will help you feel warm and satisfied!

Multi-Mistress Calls Are 20% OFF All Month!

Yes it is true for the whole month of February you can get 20% off all Multi-Mistress calls. That’s whether you talk to two or heck even 20 of us. Haha although I think 20 would be way more then you could handle! Although I love all my fellow mistresses I’ve taken notice of those I really rock well with on calls and who happen to be around a lot when I’m available. You can refer to the list below if you are thinking of doubling our fun! My mistress recommendation for tag-teaming you is in no particular order and of course you may pick off list at your own discretion. As there are a lot of mistresses I haven’t even had the pleasure to play with yet!

  • Madison
  • Oliva
  • Erika
  • Rachel
  • Andi
  • Stephanie

Again these are just suggestions that I enjoy talking with and who happen to be around a lot during times I’m available. I would love if you connected me with someone new so I could expand my horizons so to speak.

Reward Yourself

For the month of love wouldn’t it make sense to reward yourself a little! I’ve been slowly working on new products like audios, and even store assignments. For starters if you would like to give yourself a gift of a daily tease, or week of humiliating task you can always email me about cost of getting an email package from me. Just email me to hash out the details at and we could have it all set and starting tomorrow!

Wanna give yourself some love but eating your cum? Hehe I love some of you do and for you have I have a whole 5 Day Week Of CEI ready to purchase in the assignment store. Enjoy 5 cum-eating task and the two audios that come with. The first audio is just a juicy audio going over the weeks assignments, and the second is a CEI challenge audio! For those that purchase this month and can finish the WHOLE challenge let me know and I’ll reward you! I’m even extending this offer to those that have already purchased and completed the WHOLE challenge.

Give yourself the gift of my voice! I’m offering custom audios with a three to five day turn around time read more about that here! If you prefer to checkout some of my completed non-custom audios my SPH Cuckold Tease audio and My Mini-Masturbation Challenge audio are currently available in the audio store now!

Little Schedule Announcement

This won’t effect much but the days of the 1st through the 5th will be very limited in my availability. I’ll either not be in at all or only available for very few short hours in the morning. A family member is in town and I will be spending majority of my time with them.

Will You Be My Valentine?

Wanna be my valentine and get me something special! Well you have a number of ways to do so! First you can send me a valentine which would be so very sweet of you, those can be purchased here. Remember you can buy a Valentine for any of your favorite mistresses or dispatchers! You can browse and get me something nice off my Throne Wishlist. Or on one of our calls you could leave me a virtual bouquet!  Know that I appreciate each and every one of you! Happy month of love to you all!


Sensual Tease Mistress Riley