January's Sissy AssignmentNew Year, New Assignments!

January’s sissy assignment I believe will be a terrific way to kick off this year’s sissy fun! I was inspired by a mystery man I saw walking out of a store when I was questing out for some cough medicine. He was dressed in typical Winter fashion for a man with only one noticeable difference. He was carrying a noticeable big purse. Probably his wife’s right? Regardless inspiration struck and now we are here.

January’s Sissy Assignment

For this assignment, I will state it is mandatory for all of my sissy pets! Of course, anyone else can choose to participate. You will need a purse, not a man bag or tote. A genuinely identifiable purse, bonus point’s if you get one with your feminine name printed on it.  You will need to be alone, no bringing along a female companion in attempt to seem like the guy who just carries the purse. You will go to a store of your choosing and park as far as possible from the entrance in the parking lot. Then you will walk with your purse adorned on your shoulder completely visible from your car and into the store.

Do any shopping you like when you are inside. However, you are required to purchase two beauty products and a pair of panties for yourself. The purse must be visible at all times on your person or you may put in the shopping cart clearly in view in front of you. No covering up with a jacket. You will make sure to check out with a cashier no self check-out. You will pull your payment method from the purse when you go to purchase your items. Then, of course, leave the store as you came in purse showing proudly over your shoulder with your goodies in hand.

At any point in your shopping trip if someone says something like “Nice purse” or “Is it yours?” you are obligated to respond with “Yes, thank you”.

Sissy Fun For 2020

Every month of 2020 I will share at least one sissy assignment for all to enjoy via my blog. I started doing it last year and had so much fun so I promise to continue bringing girlie fun at least once a month along with some other fun activities I create for all. This isn’t just a start to a new year but a new decade, perfect for setting transformation goals and working on having more fun yourself! So let us continue to make 2020 a positive start to a new decade and possibly a new you!

P.S. My birthday is this Saturday help me celebrate by wishing me a happy birthday with an email or call. Perhaps get me a gift from my wishlist! Mwah!

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