I’m writing this blog as I set on the balcony of my little condo here on the beach. The air is screaming Summer, and the cool breeze from the ocean is making my kinky mind wonder. Specifically I’m thinking of what would be fun to bring a little joy to everyone. It’s occurred to me that anyone can enjoy a good JOI game. So here on my blog we are going to play a small round of Mistress Says. I’ll lay out the rules and when your ready you will click below and listen to the audio I have prepared for this particular post. 

Rules Of Mistress Says

Now the rules are very simple, and easy to follow. The name alone should give you a good indicator to how the game is play if your familiar with the more vanilla version. I would say you probably only need to set aside about ten minutes of alone time to enjoy this particular JOI game. So I promise it won’t take to long, and it will be a good time. Unless you are really bad at playing attention while playing with you cock. The main important rule is you must follow every instruction that is preceded with the phrase “Mistress Says”. However if you follow an instruction that is not preceded with “Mistress Says” you must be punished. I will accept the following punishments below. 

  • If you don’t mind a few pops on your ass then you may wish to go with this punishment. Ten spankings!
  • If you are a CBT fan then you’ll want to go with this punishment. Ten slaps on that ballsack! 
  • If you are a kinky cum-eater. Gobble up that pre-cum, don’t have any yet? Choose one of the other punishments until you do!
  • If you want a little more sensory play. Grab an ice cube and run it over you chest until it melt completely! (This one will be a little tough but then again you should have had your listening ears on.)
  • If you crave a little public humiliation. Comment on this blog “In my horniness I failed to follow basic instructions from my mistress (Insert the number of slips up here) times. In which case I will tease you about your lack of listening skills. 

Those are the punishments you have to choice from, each time you have a little slip up you will pause the audio and do your punishment and then resume. All except the last one if you are doing the last one simple keep a tally of how many time you slip up. Then you will comment as instructed below. 

Prepping For This JOI Game

So you know the rules, and the punishments you can choose from. Now let’s get you ready to play. First step is finding a nice comfortable and private area for you to engage in the fun and self-love that is “Mistress Says”. Next up is a little tease from me to get your going, let me tell you what I’m wearing as I get ready to record this fun JOI game for us. Today I’m in a black bikini top, with some very short jean shorts hiding black string bikini bottoms. Cause I’m thinking once I get you all hot and achy I would have done my job and deserve a dip in the ocean. So feel free to imagine me diving in the waves in my skimpy little bikini, with water glistening on my now very tan skin. Who knows maybe a wave will come along with enough strength to knock my top off. Happens more times then you think! 

Now that you have a little teasing imagery you should be ready to play. Have fun and remember to follow instructions! 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,