Your Sensual Tease Mistress Riley 1-800-601-6975What is katoptronophilia other then something I can’t really pronounce it’s a arousal to mirrors. Well more like the desire to do certain things in front of them can be masturbating or having sex. I would bet a lot of narcissist could say they are into katoptronophilia cause why wouldn’t they want to watch themselves in all of their glory.

In my opinion I don’t find this fetish particular weird at all to a point. Honestly I like that there is a mirror above my dresser so I can turn my head and give myself a little wink every now and again. However I’m not so sure what I would think if I walk in on someone jerking and rubbing their cock all over my bathroom mirror. I use that mirror daily and not sure I would appreciate the smudges…among other things you may leave behind.  Katoptronophilia is a very simple and enjoyable fetish if your into it, just keep it away from the fun house room of mirrors.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress