Hey there, have you ever wondered who would win in a battle of kimono vs. panties? Okay, yes, this is a strange question, but I had that battle play itself out in my washing machine yesterday, so I want to tell you guys about it.

A Description Of The Challengers

First, let’s start with a little description of the two battle challengers! The kimono is one that a pet made for me. It’s absolutely beautiful, all deep, rich colors and luxurious threads. I accidentally got it a little dirty (oops!), so I thought, “Well, I’ll just throw it in the washer, and that’ll take care of it.” Big mistake, guys. Take it from me: If you ever have a kimono, do not, under any circumstances, throw that thing in the washer.

The panties are my favorite pair of maroon cheeky panties. I’ve not had them too long, but they’re so pretty and comfortable that they rapidly became my favorite pair.

Kimono Vs. Panties, The Ultimate Battle

So when I decided to wash the two challengers, I didn’t think anything of tossing them both into the washer together, along with several other pieces of laundry. I figured if I washed all these things on the delicate setting, they’d be just fine. Wrong again!

Your favorite sensual teasing Princess just put in the laundry detergent, tossed the load in, turned on the washer, and went about her business, doing things like hanging out with my boyfriend and spending time cock teasing you guys on the phone. Finally, at some point, the washer finished washing, so I went to go take the laundry out and hang it up somewhere to dry. (Since these were delicates, they didn’t need to go in the dryer.)

Well, when I opened the door to the washer, I discovered that somewhere within the washing cycle, it had turned into a battle royale of kimono vs. panties. Both of them had unraveled a bit. The trailing threads had twisted around each other, and now they were locked into a battle to the bitter end with each other.

Untangling The Combatants

“Okay, guys,” I said to them, “I know you both love me so very much, but this was entirely unnecessary.” Their deep-seated affection for me had clearly gotten them into this mess. But it was up to me to get them out of it!

Not wanting to show favoritism toward one or the other, I took a pair of scissors and proceeded to find the best place to cut them loose. This was a lot more difficult than it sounds because they were really enmeshed with each other at this point! But I was able to cut in places that wouldn’t show and get them apart from each other, luckily.

All that was left to do after that was survey the damage. Ultimately, in the battle of kimono vs. panties, there were no winners. It was a draw. Both of them suffered some injuries, but they were mostly superficial and nothing anyone would ever notice. So I hung them and the rest of the load of clothing (it’s worth noting that none of the rest of them were involved in this battle!) to dry. I made sure to hang the kimono and the panties far from each other so they wouldn’t get into it again!

So there you have it, the story of kimono vs. panties! I’m sure you’ve always wondered who might win in such a battle. But I’m here to tell you, there are no winners when your laundry gets into a fight with itself. Trust me.