My fellow mistresses and I love to tease. We can tease you all year long with our punishments and rewards. Our sweet laughter makes your cock throb as you kneel down at our feet. As our commanding voices dictate your every stroke. Some of us are sweet, and some of us are cruel. Throwing in a handful of us who are both. There is one thing we do all have in common, besides being a group of teasing vixens. We appreciate you! So here is our gift to you this holiday season.

12 Days of Decadence


To show our appreciation as well as celebrating ourselves we are now doing the 12 Days of Decadence! Each day you can get 10 minutes of free phone sex with any of us available during the allotted amount of time each day. If you love to be teased enjoy 10 minutes of edging with any cocktease of your choice. However don’t be surprised if this bit of teasing ends in denial. After all, it is the season for blue balls! So please join us for a delightful little tease.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,