Magic Candy CaneThe holiday blog train has been so fun so far, it’s done a fantastic job of bringing on the holiday cheer. I hope you enjoyed the last stop with Ms. Andi and her red-ass subbie! Remember to give your fabulous mistresses a comment thanking them for keeping the celebration chug-chugging along. Now grab your hot chocolate flavored with cream….or cum, and settle in for my fun little Christmas Story of a magic candy cane making dreams come true brought to you by me. 

The Tale Of The Magic Candy Cane

It was exciting to be invited over to decorate for the holidays with me. Putting on your best holiday attire, you came over to be a good little helper for me. The smell of sugar cookies and cinnamon kissed your nose on arrival. Something gave you the tingles all over and it wasn’t just spending time with me. After sharing a few laughs over some warm hot chocolate I invited you to my closest. There was something I felt like showing you. 

Standing at just 8 inches tall and 1 inch in width the candy cane stored in the velvet red case in my closest looks just like any other large candy cane. So why is it kept out of sight? Why is this large candy cane not on display with the others, you may start to wonder. For starters let’s take a closer look at the large peppermint stick. It certainly does perk you up to be around it, doesn’t it? Mouth getting a little watery, suddenly craving a delicious minty stick to suck on. Yea that’s normal it’s a magic candy cane, sorry but it’s only for special occasions. Once it’s all gone I can’t get another now get out of my closest and back to your decorating task. You didn’t see my devious smile as you sulked away. 

That felt a little unfair, didn’t it? I invited you into my closest to tell you about a magical candy stick only to tell you no touchy and to get out. You don’t even know what it does. The taste of peppermint is all you crave now though. As you cover the tree in tinsel, thoughts keep going back to the candy cane. Naughty thoughts start to pile up. You start to think would she really notice if I just took a lick. You could use some holiday magic. At this point as the thoughts keep coming, your cock keeps throbbing. We all know you make all your naughtiest decision when that happens. 

Don’t Lick The Magic Stick

It’s decided you need to taste the magic candy cane. Just one little lick wouldn’t hurt, and it seems I left you all alone. You convince yourself I would never possibly know. It certainly is unlike you to disobey me so. Even knowing that you are acting out of the ordinary deep down, it’s not enough to stop you. The singing, melodic chants ring in your ears drawing you closer and closer to the closest. “Suck me, Suck me, Suck me!”. Opening the door, turning on the light. There the velvet box stands, opening up on its own. Calling you. Now more phallus in shape the candy cane made itself a little extra appealing. 

Just one lick you tell yourself. Just one. Reaching forward clutching the candy cane in your hand. It felt warmer than anticipated, and it pulsed? No, it’s not alive but it does look delicious. Just one lick, and you’ll put it back. Of course, that was never going to happen. One lick turned into wrapping your whole mouth around the end and sucking and sucking your greatest desire playing in your head. The urge to stop before it’s too late shouts within you, but you ignore it. Because the promise of living forever in your greatest fantasy is worth the risk, right? 

Bye-Bye Little Helper

I sighed when I saw the candy cane laying out on the floor of my closet the end still wet from your mouth. This happens every year. The smirk across my face makes it hard to tell if this wasn’t on purpose. As I take the magic candy cane and place it once more in its velvet home where it will wait until the next year, to claim another pet for Christmas. 

Ok, no more Twilight Zone for Ms. Riley. 

Thank you for enjoying this stop on the holiday blog train. Be sure to check out our next stop with the wonderful Ms. Brighton tomorrow

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,