March UpdateHi everyone! Just a little March update! I am feeling better thank you to everyone who reached out, I am better. The reason I haven’t jumped right back to it is a bit personal. However, I love you all so much I do want to let you know what’s happening. I’m planning a trip down to visit my mother again for about a month. I leave next week. She lost someone that was very close to her recently and it’s been hard on her. At this moment in time out of all my sisters, I’m the only one who can freely go down to stay a little bit to cheer her up and be of assistance. So everything is fine with me and I still am planning some fun stuff don’t you worry. 

In Lighter News

I am going to be bringing down quite of bit of my work stuff. So I can complete some of the many things on my to-do list. So I will be updating with audios on my audio page during my trip, working a bit on a fun treat for you sissys that I hope I can officially announce by the end of this month. This isn’t an official vacation or anything so feel free to still send me emails, and chat with me if you like. I’m going to also try to make myself available sometime during my trip down there, may just be for sexting but we will see. I’m not 100% sure about the amount of privacy I will have. 

I’ll also be getting back to being active on the forums and everything. I know when I got sick that tampered off a bit and was put on the back burner so I’ll be doing that too. 

Most importantly, I love all of you! Each one of you is awesome in every way! Please make sure to shower my fellow mistresses with lots and lots of love! (I originally wrote that as make sure you shower with my fellow mistresses) I highly advise not joining a mistress into a shower it may not be as fun as you would like. That is all I have for this March update. 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,