How well do you think you have that cock of yours under control? Do you define yourself as a marathon man, a masturbation extraordinaire?
If the answer is yes, I would love to challenge you.

What Exactly Is My Masturbation Challenge?

I challenge you Mister โ€œself-controlโ€ to deny your own orgasm against my efforts to get you to cum. Seems easy right? You just wonโ€™t masturbate, then you win. If only it was that simple. Of course there is a catch, a set of rules that you must agree to follow.

The Rules

1)You must last at least 45 minutes without cumming, you are only allowed to ask for a two minute pause to calm down a maximum of three times. Stopping or cumming on your own makes you a loser.

2)You must obey all of my commands on how you touch and stroke your cock. After all this is a masturbation challenge.

3)You may not beg or ask to cum during the 45 minutes. Doing so will make you a loser and my answer will be NO!

4)You asking me to stop teasing you a certain way will also make you a loser. You only job during this challenge is to stroke and do what you are told. NO WHINING!

5)This is not exactly a rule but a requirement. Please have lube handy. I want to challenge you not chafe the hell out of your cock.

This Ends In Only Three Ways
The first way you lose by breaking a rule other then cumming to early. This outcome will lead to no orgasm and you will be known to me as a Loser who should be denied anytime you masturbate with me until you can learn to last long enough to beat the challenge.

The second way is you cum to early. By doing so you prove to me that you have no control of your cock and should not be allowed any EVER! I will also freely share with any of the other mistresses of your complete failure. Cumming to early will also land you on my list of those I will never allow to cum.

As winner which is the third and final way this challenge can end, I will gladly allow you to cum. No restrictions.

Any world class strokers up for a challenge?

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,