Are You One?

As promised not talking about the weather again. This fetish exploring is more on the mechanical side, and no not toys. Cool, sleek sides with a fun little button to press to provide vibrations. Imagine if I was a Riley bot, completely made of metal. Would you still find me attractive? If so you may just be associated with the fetish mechanophilia. If you’ve pressed your hard cock against your car and humped it til you came then you are definitely a mechanophiliac. That or you have one hell of a car!

Mechanophilia if you haven’t figured it out is a sexual attraction to machines ranging from bicycles to ships. How you have sex with a giant boat is something I pondered for way too long today. However there are ways…and moving on. If you find yourself lusting after machines be careful as it is frowned upon in some nations, while others have sex bots ready to go. Hmm sex bots on demand mechanophilia sounds a little fun. I myself would like for you to keep your dick off my ford fusion other than I don’t care if I catch you mounting a train. Just makes sure it isn’t moving anytime soon.