Hello everyone! Mistress announcement time, August doesn’t have much going on just a few reminders I want to touch on heading into August. I should be around regularly except for the end of August I will be taking a week-long vacation at the end of the month. When I know the exact days it will be reflected on my schedule. During that week, I will not be responding to emails or doing audios. Also regarding my schedule, I do try my very best to keep it up to date, but school has resumed and sometimes things come up. Normally appointments are still kept, but if issues do arise I will always reach out as soon as I know about a conflict in schedule.

Appointment Procedure – Important Mistress Announcement

First mistress announcement please try your very best to give me at least a 24-hour notice when setting an appointment. However, it is ok if you see me on and you know that you will be free sometime during my scheduled hours to reach out and try to squeeze an appointment in. Normally those are easily doable. For appointments set days in advance keep in mind if you are more than 10 minutes late, I will consider your appointment canceled. If you do this twice, you will lose appointment-making privileges. Why you may ask? This is because normally my appointments occur while I’m logged in for other calls. Dispatch will turn down calls for me while I’m waiting on an appointment. Which means if you don’t show for your session you may have potentially lost me, other sessions. So you can see why I would be crossed with you. 

Skype Calls

At this time I am only doing Skype calls by appointment only. You must email in advance! I also would like to state Skype calls are more likely to be possible in the evening than in the daytime. My laptop does not run Skype very well, I often run into crashing issues or audio issues while using it. These are not sexy and take away from everyone’s fun. I have a separate computer I use for Skype in the office that my boyfriend lovingly set up for me. However, it’s on completely another side of the house, next to my neighbors who are doing construction work adding onto their house, and I think making a wrap-around deck while they are at it. So it’s loud, and just not a great environment to work in at this time.  

Please note I haven’t been available with sexy-texting either because I have been keeping my Skype closed. I’ve had numerous incidents with it being open of people attempting to call me on Skype with NO permission. WHILE I’m in a session with someone else. My computer volume is normally muted, however, Skype turns it on when someone starts to call to alert me. This is rude, and I always block whoever does it. So if you have been blocked this way. You have to email me to make an appeal to be unblocked if you want Skype privileges when I’m openly using it again. If you do not respect me and those I have fun with you don’t deserve Skype privileges with me. 

Thank you to everyone who is respectful and I hope by September to be using Skype normally. Also thank you for reading this month’s mistress announcement. 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,