So it’s Spring and everything is starting to warm up again which means I can enjoy being outside again without being bundled up. Although a lot of you know I love the cold but that’s mostly cause it gives me an excuse to cuddle on the couch under soft blankets eating chocolate. Now that it’s warmer I’ve enjoyed going out in the afternoon for a nice walk or jog around the neighborhood. I’m finally done organizing all the new space I have and ready to jump into a more planned routine. With that in mind, this may not be good news for some. I have decided that I will be on mostly in the late evening/early morning for this upcoming month this will give myself time to adjust my day time activities and very many social engagements I have for April.

As for appointments, you may be able to make some during the day just please give as much notice as possible. If you have any questions feel free to email me. Mwah!

Let’s all make this a terrific April!

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