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Goodbye April, Hello May

So during April, I was trying out a schedule and throughout the month I made a few adjustments and changes. I have finally settled on a schedule for the remainder of 2019. It’s up to date on my schedule page but I’ll also post it here.

Mistress Riley’s 2019 Schedule
  • Monday- 4pm-10pm EST
  • Tuesday- 4pm-10pm EST
  • Wednesday- Accepting Appointments
  • Thursday- 4pm-10pm EST
  • Friday-4pm-10pm EST (Sometimes I may go a little later)
  • Saturday- May occasionally make an appearance, but this is normally my night with friends.
  • Sunday- You guessed it. 4pm-10pm EST

I know that for some of you this is not ideal but please remember I’m completely fine with setting appointments outside of this schedule. With that being said I have to set some rules when it comes to appointments I’ll add those in here as well as probably add an appointment policy page. These rules will be starting on May 1st.

Mistress Riley’s Appointment Rules

  1.  I will accept appointments any day between the hours of 2PM-6AM EST.
  2.  Appointments should be made with at least 48 hours notice for times outside of my schedule.
  3. If you are going to be unable to make an appointment then you need to notify me at least 12 hours prior to our appointment. Not right before or by simply not showing up. All circumstances are different but if you simply do not show up or contact me in any way, you will no longer have the privilege to schedule appointments with me. If you cancel right before our appointments more then 2 times and the appointment is outside my normal schedule then your appointment making privileges will also be revoked. Depending on circumstances there is always a chance that the privilege will be reinstated.

These are the main rules that should be remembered. I will add more details when my appointment rules go up and are in effect. If you have any questions as always my inbox is always open.

So let’s all continue to have a wonderful Spring and enjoy May the best that we can!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress,