To get us started I want to thank everyone who reached out while I was away. I have a lot of emails so don’t be disheartened if I don’t respond, as this post should serve as a response to a lot of the messages I had received. So yes I am ok, nothing terrible has befallen me. As some of you may have known, I had a Summer course planned in my studies. I even relocated for it. However that ended up being cancelled. Which kicked off me making some adjustments into what I really want. 

I will be back taking calls starting the 10th of October, however I will only be around in about the mornings to mid-afternoon.  Schedule is going to updated shortly. Though my time will be short sometimes I will accept appointments but that will be based off of if I’m actually free for the time you wish. I will be unable to accept any over-night appointments. 

Upon my return please know I am happy to be back. I have missed being among the lovely mistresses here. <3