orgasm control experimentWhy Is It Ending?

Well, I wasn’t really sure how to go about telling everyone so I’ll just say it. Turns out for the last couple of weeks my boy toy was aware of my little orgasm control experiment. So it kind of taints the results of the behavioral training I was trying to document. See he was always aware of my blog I just didn’t think he actually took time to look at it. Apparently, he finds my writing amusing and sometimes a little bit of a turn on especially when he gets mentioned. Now I understand a part of this is my own fault. I could have said to never look at my blog but I thought that would be suspicious.

I know for a fact the last two weeks he has been on his best behavior and attentive to my needs because he knew there would be a higher chance of orgasm that way. So I do not know if I could consider that data reliable now as I already know how desperate men get when you deny them for long periods. So I must dismiss the data and turn my attention to another project.

He Will Be Punished

I have come up with a fitting punishment. He wanted his orgasms obviously, but he should not have hidden his acknowledgment of my experiment. Cause now I’m disappointed and I’m sure some of my pets are a little disappointed to not enjoy his torment. So it’s only fitting I make him regret each and every one of his orgasms for an indefinite amount of time. I believe a little post-orgasmic torture is a very fitting punishment given the crime. The best part is he doesn’t know what this is and doesn’t know what is in store. I promise you all he will regret ruining my orgasm control experiment.

Your Sensual Tease Mistress