Sensual Teasing Mistress Riley 1-800-601-6975Am I A Little Evil?

Now it was an off night for me but I can’t help myself I have to write about this. As of right now, I’m sitting in bed in my cute dark blue and black sexy teddy while my boyfriend is laying down naked and jacking it at the end of the bed. He has absolutely no idea I’m on my computer writing a blog. I’ve worked him up all day to get to this moment. Teasing him in the morning with some very close cuddling. Teasing him in the afternoon with some flirting and sexy dancing. Teasing him during dinner by basically giving him a little foot job under the table.

Why All The Teasing?

It was a turn on driving him crazy and honestly, it’s a bit of a turn on watching him stroke it while he thinks I’m answering emails. The things he says every few minutes in his desperation to play with me are amusing. “Please come here and let me suck on your tits, or have them in my face… maybe.” Ha! I’m rubbing my feet up and down his leg a little bit but I’m about making him wait until tomorrow. Teasing him is just to fun right now. I have to say I’m impressed with his self-control, he’s been stroking for about 15 minutes with little to no slowdown after being worked up all day. Of course, he is holding back cause he thinks once I’m done we are going to fuck.

Alright, I’ve been “checking emails” long enough. Time to do a little more teasing before I crush his spirit.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress