Naughty Present AssignmentWe all know it’s that time of the year again, and man has this been a wild crazy rollercoaster of a year or what? It’s been a tough year for a lot of us and though we want to give to our loved ones I think we should also give a little special something to ourselves. This is why I’m assigning all of you to a little naughty present assignment. Make it something special that you’ve really wanted. For example maybe that special toy you keep putting off getting for whatever reason. Don’t worry if you are unsure what to get I have a few suggestions.

Give The Gift Of Chastity!

Whether you love chastity play or thinking about giving it a try here are some ideas to help you complete this naughty present assignment.

  • From the top of my head, I would think a chastity lover would love a customize cock cage for their maximum comfort and to treat themselves. It can be pricey but you can get a cage made specifically for your size and girth. (No matter how small or big!). Some places even offer engraving services for your special gift.
  • Purchase yourself a naughty chastity audio from the Enchantrix audio store! Or if you’re feeling creative and want something extra special for yourself, write your own script and choose a special mistress to read and record naughty audio just for you! To place a custom order go here!

Spoil Yourself Hot Stuff!

This is for our girlies and our crossdressers who love femininity. Let’s get you own your way to completing this naughty present assignment.

  • Take a look in the closet, in the dresser what are you missing? Could it be that soft plushy robe you’ve been eyeing and imagining draped over your bare skin? Or is it the sexy negligee set you’ve been eyeing but too nervous to buy? Don’t be afraid to think even bigger here, this is the time to spoil yourself. An elegant evening gown could be yours for the first time, no excuse now’s the time more than ever!
  • Think about accessories! Purses, wigs, and jewelry!

Options For Those Who Love A Great Tease

For the ever so enjoyable tease and denial lovers, you know us mistresses have a couple of options for you! Your naughty present assignment could very easily just be a very naughty experience. Whether you want full-on denial or to be teased and control we got you covered.

  • Join us for a few rounds of pass the penis and let as many of us tease and deny your cock all day/night long! After all, you probably won’t get to cum unless you really work for it.
  • Give yourself over for some cock control circuit training we got packages ranging from one-on-one to having as many as 15 mistresses’ controlling and teasing your cock. Read about the details here!

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Whether you are a little slut, cocksucker, stroker boy, or just love the feel of taking it up the ass get on the naughty list! It’s time to get that pleasure helper of your dreams!

  • Always fantasized about taking it up the ass but don’t know where to start? Then this year gift yourself with lube (You’re going to need it), anal beads, and butt plugs! You can’t jump right in and take a cock, got to work on that for it to be enjoyable. I highly recommend getting a set of plugs that vary in size so you can start small and work your way up! There are even great intro to prostate play sets worth checking out.
  • Enhance your pleasure with a rechargeable Hitachi wand or at the very least a decent vibrator. In my opinion, all men and women should have at least one.
  • COCKSUCKER! You need to get yourself a dildo to suck on! You know who you are, I want to hear you slurping and sucking. Stop telling me how badly you want one, and get one! Don’t disappoint me. The assignment has been given.
  • Other toys and accessories to consider are cock rings, pocket strokers, nipples claps, penis ring-plug combos (Heard positive things about those), and prostate massagers.

Finally when setting out to complete this naughty present assignment please know these are just suggestions. The point is get something for you even if it’s not sexy or kinky, if it’s going to bring you joy and make you smile that’s all that matters here. As always please share your experiences and let me know what you got yourself. I will end this here but I wish everyone a happy holiday season and please be safe out there.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,