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My orgasm control experiment continues. A lot of you know that my boyfriend is the unknowing test subject, who has technical consented to be a test subject for my work-related research. Of course, he probably believed this would lead to a lot of kinky fun. (He wasn’t exactly wrong). Now my goal is to bring out better behavior not change his personality making that clear I like him the way he is. I just think it would be nice to have some help around the house and see if he can cool it on the gamer rage. Just small behavior upgrades. The goal is to have his arousal sub-consciously linked to preferred behaviors. In my opinion, there is no better way to do this then orgasm control. This week I sprinkle in a little denial!

Week Of 1/27/2019

Sunday- I squeeze in some for “For Me” time just before friends arrived for our little get together. Today he was supposed to get an orgasm but I changed it up. I got him so close and just a perfectly timed our friends arrived through the door forcing us to quickly cease play and entertain. 2 orgasms for me and none for him. Later the night when he attempted to restart what we had started, I simply stated I needed some sleep cause I had a lot to clean up in the morning. To my surprise, he spent time cleaning up for me before coming to bed.

Monday- I woke and saw his cock rock hard, and decided to reward his behavior from the previous night. Obviously, he enjoyed very much waking up to my hand around his cock. Orgasm for me 2, and for him 1 big explosion! Seriously kind of a mess.

Tuesday- I found myself quite horny so I keep my distance and enjoyed in some phone fun to get my playfulness out of my system. He luckily was away at work so he couldn’t tempt me, by the time he got him I had satisfied myself a few times. To my surprise, he brought home a movie and dinner for us to enjoy.

Wednesday- When he got home he found me in the living room trying on some of the sexy new lingerie I had ordered while the roommates were gone for a few more hours. This lead to a fun little for me session. Orgasms 4 for me, 0 for him. He did help with dinner clean up.

Thursday- Once he got home it was hard to keep him off me. A couple times he almost had me cave in especially when he cornered me against the wall with kisses. He knows how much I love that. I politely declined and left him a little frustrated. I had fun counting the number of times I could get him hard just by being close to him. Quite a high number. He wanted it so bad.

Weekends Are My Favorite Part!

Friday- He heard all the fun I was having Friday night on my calls and tried to sneak in some action in between. I myself know this wasn’t going to work out for him as Fridays my pets keep me busy as they should. It was fun though get him close only to dismiss him like nothing every time the phone rang. Leaving him to another night of frustration, I caught him just in time when he was going to sneak off and rub one out in the other bathroom. Thankfully I have come to know him well enough to sense when he will attempt a release. Denial him again that evening. (Friday was really fun for me).

Saturday- Orgasm control experiment is showing some positive changes, will have to continue monitoring and making notes. Could just be this week is a fluke, time will tell. Being around him all Saturday was great. We went shopping for our party on Sunday, had a nice early dinner and I just couldn’t stop staring at the bulge in his pants most of the day. It had been almost a week since we had sex so for myself and the good of the experiment I changed that. Orgasms for me 3, for him 2! XD He’s lucky I was in such a giving mood.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,