Welcome to the next sexy stop on this Halloween blog train! You’ve just been spit out a tad bit exhausted from a very intense situation from Ms. Hunter’s part of the enchanted forest. So lucky for me that she left you naked, as naturally you’ll yearn to seek shelter. As you walk through the enchanted forest you can make out LIGHT! It’s between the trees only a little bit away. Excited you race toward your possible salvation….

Welcome To My Orgasm Denial Cottage

Your heart races when you see the small quaint little cottage sitting in a small clearing, lights on signaling that someone is inside. The closer you get the more relief you feel thinking about how you may finally escape this forest and all it’s craziness. As you approach just a few feet away from the door it swings open, emitting a warm air that sends a tingle down your naked body. You hardly even pay attention to the whispers “orgasm denial” that attempt to warn you of what is to come. Stepping out of the cottage is a beautiful woman, in a silk long dress that clings to her curves perfectly. Despite being spent a few moments ago you feel your cock spring back to life. 

“Orgasm denial” you hear the whispers again and this time you hear it very, very clearly but you can’t move. The fear washes over you when you realize the ride of your life is not over. You go to put your hands up to plead for mercy from the woman in white only to find to numbs where your hands us to be. Looking up you see your hands are floating towards the woman. Touching her, as she smiles and enjoys the gentle caresses exploring her body. You can feel the touching of her warm skin, the softness of her hair, the roundness of her ass, and the satisfaction of slipping your hands under the dress. 

Your Body Wants What It Wants

Your body reacts the way it would under normal circumstances despite the pounding in your chest and your lingering fear of what is going to be done with you this time. With a hard cock and arousal taking over the brain, the fear does start to melt away a little more. As you enjoy the feelings of exploring her beautiful body were you stand. The only thing you wish you could change is the lack of being able to grab your cock. A worry that fixes itself when the beautiful goddess snaps her fingers and soon you feel gentle strokes playing with your cock. 

Turning to smile at you as moans escape your lips, she drops the dress to reveal her naked body. Which only raises your arousal and desperation, so many thoughts rushing in your mind about what you want to do with this mysterious woman. A audible laugh is heard “Denial…” the sweet whisper is heard again “Orgasm denial” the tone is sweet but mischievous. You feel yourself on the edge as if you could blow at any moment especially as the invisible hands continuously stroke your cock. 

Riding The Edge

Moments pass by and you have felt every inch of her body, with your hands still exploring. You’ve heard moans from her lips as your hands rubbed and teased her, yet despite all the stimulation you just can’t cum. You become desperate, staring at your dripping cock as it’s visibly throbbing. The need to have an orgasm grows stronger then you’ve ever felt before. You beg, plead, even fall to your knees only to be met with laughter and stern “No” straight from her lips as she stares you down. The woman crouches down and whispered “No one but me has orgasms here” The laughter surrounds you as you start to feel dizzy, and then faint one can only assume from exhaustion. 

When you awaken the cottage of orgasm denial is gone, and it’s just you once again. Alone in this crazy enchanted forest, with an aching cock and sore blue balls. One can only hope you escape soon! However it won’t be easy your next stop is with Ms. Mandy. Good luck!