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Being able to have an orgasm on demand takes effort. When I say cum now I mean right now, not 10 to 20 seconds from now. No stroking vigorously to pop off wasting seconds of my time. If you can’t at that exact moment you just won’t at all. Very simple really either now, or don’t. Is it an easy task? No, not at all. In order to achieve this, you must be willing to really control yourself physically and mentally.

Edge Often

To orgasm on demand, you will need to be able to hold yourself on the edge. It will be up to you to fight the urge to release until permission is granted. I don’t care how my goal is to push you. To stimulate you, to give you something to fight against. Yes, it’s easy to give in and prove yourself weak, but I want you to be better.

Embrace Denial

Get familiar with being denied. If you can’t control yourself then why should you get rewarded? Cumming for me is a privilege, not a right. If you can’t orgasm on demand then I hold the power to deny you. You have no right to argue unless of course you just want to make things worse for yourself. There are some other things that we could do that is just as good as denying you. Maybe a ruined orgasm perhaps?

Can you prove yourself to me? When I say now, will you be able to cum on demand?

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