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Your Sensual Mistress Riley 1-800-601-6975I have created a little assignment to share for any sissy to do, but with some special instructions for the more closeted sissy. Unfortunately, some sissies don’t have the freedom to be more open with their desires and flaunt how fabulous they are, or do adventurous assignments. I’ll be honest for this assignment you need to be brave and step a little bit outside your realm of comfort. Other than that it’s a very basic assignment for some girly fun.

Assignment And Instructions For A Closeted Sissy

The assignment is very simple, go and get a pedicure not just a soak and file down. Do at least the sugar scrub most places have them and ask for the Ferrari red color on your nails.  Very simple any sissy can do this, for those of you without a secret to keep I suggest doing the gel polish. Last longer and very durable, very hard to have it chip away.

For a closeted sissy, these are the instructions to enjoy this assignment and avoid others that you know. Simple go to the next town over and choose a nail place with at least a 3-star rating. Ask for the pedicure with the sugar scrub, it’s a nice treat to you. Still, get the Ferrari red polish but do not get the gel polish especially if you have those at home who do not know what you do in your special time. The extra for this assignment is you must keep the polish on for at least 24 hours! You are allowed to wear dark socks at home if you need too. After the 24 hours are up, you may simply remove the polish.

See a very simple, easy assignment. It’s also great for your feminization to take care of your nails! If you participate in this assignment I encourage you to share your experience with me! My email is always open.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress