We all have Silver Bells Chastity Services to thank for helping me make sure this year’s Christmas production did not fall to shambles. The end of November I received a very urgent call from Mrs. Claus about some very naughty behavior from the male elves that was causing a massive delay in present production. They were pulling pranks, wasting precious material and just not heeding to demands. While their female counterparts had no choice but to try to carry the ever growing workload as far as they could. Well we all know it wasn’t going to take long before I would arrive. 

Why The Naughty Behavior?

On my trip over and I had to contemplate on why the sudden uptick in naughty behavior and the thought occurred to me that perhaps I was the problem. I have often recently once a year stopped by and gave them a little visit. Maybe they felt entitled for another one? Well that certainly won’t do, this visit is going to be one that teaches them it’s not always fun and games when I’m around. There can certainly be to much of a good thing. First thing I need to do was get them more submissive then ever before so I placed a call to Silver Bells Chastity Services and ordered a little silver chastity devices for each of the naughty elves. The second thing I did was request for Mrs. Claus and the well behaved female elves to go take a week off and relax promising them to have good obedient workers once they returned. 

Line Up Time And Get Your Silver Bell Chastity Device

As I suspected the naughty little elves were eager to see me. Big smiles, and growing erections in their green tights. Couldn’t help but laugh as I would be putting a stop to all of it but for now their eagerness to please would serve as their own downfall. “Line up and drop those tights for a cock and ball inspection, I have a small but important present for all of you!” I smiled sweetly as I gave to order. And I myself inspected each package with glee teasing playfully and slipping on the silver bell chastity device before they could even realize what it was. I finished and had over 80 sad and frustrated naughty elves tugging and groaning over their new attachment. 

“So this how its going to be fellows. You will focus on work and focus on finishing your daily quota’s plus 10% all the way up to the New Year or those chastity devices will become a permanent change. Do I make myself clear?” I was answered by very unexcitable yesses from the crowd but that was ok, I wasn’t looking for them to be very pleased. 

Tickle Or Spank

Of course I could expect the silver bell chastity devices to fix all the problems but it did improve behavior by about 43%. So how was I going to enforce more change all on my own? Well very simple whenever a naughty elf got off course or start goofing off I would come over and the first two times it was a little tickle warning. Elves are very ticklish so I would tickle their little jingle bells, feet, if the offense warranted would hold them down and order others to tickle, tickle away. 

However sometimes even the tickling wasn’t enough so on the third strikes I would march the naughty worker up in front of everyone. Pull down those Winter green tights and he would get 50 swats of my hand on each cheek. Enough to make him shed a tear or two in front of this peers and sometimes they would even leak from their silver bell chastity device just doubling the embarrassment! 

When Mrs. Claus returned I had a full report of their progress and a handbook on how to handle any incidences for the rest of the year. Production was up and it’s safe to see we will all be getting our goodies this year! 

Your Sensual Tease Mistress