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No month is complete without an end of month sissy assignment and I’ve got a great one for you. Summer officially starts June 21st this year which happens to be a Friday how awesome! So it’s time for a sissy bikini assignment! Let’s get those gorgeous bodies of yours ready. I’m talking shaved smooth skin (wax it is even better), and of course, getting that beach body ready.  Like a lot of people, I gain a little bit over the Winter from eating sugary treats and overall bad eating habits. Cause during the Holidays I believe the calories don’t count 😉 Santa’s gift to me. Haha but that is me being a little delusional.

Get Bikini Ready!

So if you feel a little on the pudgy side, despite being beautiful here is what I do to tone up almost daily.

  • I start with 25-50 Jumping Jacks to get my blood pumping.
  • 30-60 second plank
  • 30 Bicycle crunches
  • 20 Leg Lifts
  • Cobra Stretch for 60 seconds
  • Then finish with a 30-minute walk or run

Of course, varies on my time table and someone who doesn’t exercise regularly will want to do about half that each of those. Although 30 minutes of walking should stay the same. You will notice and feel a huge difference for yourself and your amazing body.

The Fun Part

Now once you are ready it’s time to go buy that gorgeous bikini you have your eyes on. Wouldn’t be a sissy bikini assignment if you weren’t getting a bikini, right? Any color, any style get one that represents you sexy! Then after the 21st, I think it’s only fair you show your participation in this assignment with all of us mistresses at LDW. Simply just log into your account at Enchantrix Empire and share your new sissy bikini styles with us! I’m so excited girlies, I hope you all participate in this sissy bikini assignment!

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