Sissy BingoAfter a long day of activities aboard the cruise, Sissy Bingo seems like a nice calm way to end your evening. At least that is what you thought as you looked over your invitation that was placed on your neatly made bed. A simple red and white invitation could have been easy to simply pass on such an offer and relax in your cabin to prepare for the next day of festivities. After all, it’s just bingo. Though after following Ms. Hunter’s waxing tips you have been looking forward to going out among others and showing off your soft smooth skin! 

And you promised yourself to attend all sissy activities the cruise had to offer. So you slip into a cute red retro dress and check your hair and make-up. From there you traveled to the buffet hall where the tables were pink and lined up with plenty of room, and there I was waiting for you. I still remembered the way you blushed when I handed you your card, I was hoping at that moment you would be one of the evening’s winners. 

Sissy Bingo Night Begins!

“Look at all your fabulous faces! Welcome to Sissy Bingo night, I am so happy to have so many of you here tonight. Especially after such a long week already full of activities and fun, compared to that Bingo may not be as exciting. However, we are going to have 3 winners tonight of a particularly exciting prize.” Excited hushed whispers filled the room. I couldn’t help but let out a laugh before I continued. “Now without further ado, I handed each of you lovely girlies a Bingo card for tonight’s game. All decorated by some of your favorite mistresses. So let the game begin!”. 

You looked down and inspected your card. It was red and sparkled, decorated with kisses and words of encouragement. On the back was my signature, lucky you to get one of my cards. Each time I called out you felt your clit begin to twitch. It only took 10 rounds before getting my first winner. You watched with curiosity as one of your fellow sissies came up to grab the red bag from me, leaning forward as if you were trying to hear our hushed words. You watched as their face light up and raced out presumably to their cabin with their new goodies. 

A few more rounds and another winner claims the next prize. This time the feeling of anxiousness is setting in. Looking down at the card in front of you see just two more spaces and you could be next. How badly you craved to know what I whispered to each of them. 

Winner, Winner

“B19”. Yes! Only one more to go and you could be next. Your heart pounding. “G40”. No not yours. “O79” No. You do your best to stay posed but you want to win. “I43”. Jumping up you cried out “Bingo!”. You looked so adorable as you stood there blushing waving your card in the air. I beckoned you forward. Handing you a little red bag of your own and leaning to whisper in your ear. “In this bag is everything you need, but do your best to wait for me”. I kissed your cheek and sent you on your way. 

It took no time at all for you to get into your cabin and take a look at the prizes. Reaching in you pull out a purple and black lacey, crotchless bodysuit. Then a purple chastity cage, just the right size for your clitty, a jeweled purple butt plug, lube, and a note. “Be dressed, be caged, be plugged, I’ll come for you soon. <3”. With instructions clear, you begin to prepare. 

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Waiting is the hardest part as each step by the cabin door sends your heart aflutter. Checking the time, it’s been two hours. Did I forget about you? Was this a trick? Oh how badly you wanted to play with that butt plug, just a little. Maybe I wouldn’t notice if you gave into temptation just a little bit. As you were about to give in there is a knock on your cabin door. I didn’t have to wait long before you were standing in front of me. As the sexy obedient sissy, I knew you would be. 

“Congratulations on winning this special prize from tonight’s Sissy bingo” I smiled shutting the door and taking off my long coat to reveal I’m wearing nothing but a pair of black cheeky panties and a 7-inch black strap-on. Taking your hand, leading you to the bed and laying you down. Spreading your legs and teasing the jeweled plug in and out of your sissy pussy, listening to the soft moans escaping your lips. “This is nice and all but for tonight you deserve something much bigger”. 

Delicately I remove the plug while reaching for the lube. Then I begin to start to lather it my cock before gentle pushing into you. Watching your hands grabbing onto the bed begging for all of it. Like a switch, the slut comes out. 

More, More

You lift your hips to start working your own way around your prize. Begging to be fuck, all this time waiting built to this moment. All you want is to be filled with this cock, to feel my hands gripping your thighs as I bury it inside you, over and over again. Until…that intense moment when I release you from your cage and command you rub your clitty. Coating yourself all over with your own grand prize. 

Hi! I hope you enjoyed this stop on the Sissy Cruise blog train! Be sure to check out the next stop! Mwah! 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress