Sissy ChristmasEvery true sissy deserves something special for the holidays, so let’s talk about your Sissy Christmas. For a lot of you, your sissy side is a part of you that varies in size. Because of this it often doesn’t always get the nourishment it deserves. 

What I Want You To Do

Now I normally don’t bring up Christmas before December as I’m one of those people who prefers to at least let Thanksgiving past before I’ll even listen to Christmas music. However I think this post needs to be put up a little early. So you have ample time to follow my command. Below are some sissy gift ideas to browse to gift yourself for Sissy Christmas. 

All of these items are from Amazon so they should be accessible from where you are. I made sure to provide items of varying price and size. Keeping in mind not everyone can make big sissy purchases. That being said as a mistress who loves her sissies very much I command you to get at least one item for your girly side. I made it very simple, click on the item’s name and it’s highlighted in pink and it will take you right to the product page. 

Tis The Season To Spoil Yourself

Sissy Lace Bikini Briefs– These are available in 4 different colors black, red, white, and of course pink. They are absolutely sexy as HELL! I really love the look and there is no denying you will feel sexy in a pair of these! 

Sissy Slut Collar– This is for my sissy sluts who love to flaunt it. If wearing a collar for your mistress that clearly states that you belong on your knees gets you excited this option is for you sweetie! UPDATE: I’ve been informed by one of my sissy. The letters kind of fall off on the collar so may not be the best quality. Will try to find a replacement option. 

Lace Baby-doll Sleepwear– This recommendation actually comes from one of my sissies. She raved about how they fit well for sissies if you are careful on the sizing and the designs are super cute! Perfect for a sissy movie night curled up in this sexy sleepwear with a fun movie and some chocolate! 

Onesie Maid Style PJ Bodysuit– From the same designers of the previous sleepwear are these cute bodysuits designed to look like a maid outfit. There are a lot of sexy sissy maids out there itching for something cute and comfy like these outfits. Definitely check the sizing chart and if you’re unsure go with one size bigger. The best part is this onesie provides some stretch! 

Cumslut– Ya, for this one you know what you are! 

The Fun Keeps Coming!

Cute Lingerie Set Made For Sissies– There is not always a lot of options out there that are geared to making lingerie for sissies. Lucky there are a few really cute set options here without breaking the bank. Check them out if you are looking for your first matching lingerie set that is geared for comfort and sexiness. 

Temporary Tattoo– This is small and temporary but purchasing could give you and your mistress a fun time of “Branding” you. Have Sissy temporarily labeled on your body! Could be one the funniest purchases you could make for your Sissy Christmas!

Sissy Panty Pack– Get your sexy self an affordable three pack of lace sissy panties just for you! One purchase and you can be off to a terrific start of sissy panty collecting! 

High-Waisted Lace Boy Shorts– These are hot! And I believe it would be quite comfy for the sissies that want to wear panties throughout the day. I vote on these being a great start to daily panty wear as you transition from brief/boxers to daily panties! 

Sissy G-string– Saw these and knew that I had to share them with you! Sexy, and they scream please fuck me like the slut I am! 

Last But Not Least Sissy Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas! 

Finally, even if you don’t go all out and get yourself something from the above recommendation check-up some of these items to get yourself. All small stocking stuffer ideas for your Sissy Christmas.

Pick just one thing and gift your sissy side something special! If your undecided check when to catch me and we can pick something together! 


Your Sensual Teasing Mistress