You were told there was a surprise for you. The note on the table when you walked in had very clear instructions for my sissy slut

Very Good

I was pleased to walk into the room and see that you had followed all the instructions. You are a lovely sight on your knees and it seems the purple and black teddy I left out for you fits perfectly. That shade of lipstick really brings out the whore in that smile. I’ve been really impressed with how your sissy training is coming along, and the holidays always put me in a good mood. So I hope you are hungry cause…

Gobble, gobble big cock is right around the corner

It’s a delight seeing your eyes light up when he walked into the room. Licking your lips as you stare at that soft 8 inch of meat dangling between his legs. You came to me asking to make you into hot sissy slut, now show me what you have learned. Go on wrap those bright red lips around his thick delicious cock. Let me hear you slurping and sucking while you give him the best and sloppiest blowjob he’s ever had.  

Good Girl

The louder he moans I notice how much more that excites you. Now is it the moaning or the taste of precum that is most certainly dripping out onto your tongue that excites you? “I’m going to cum”he says almost breathlessly as he pulls his cock out. Like a good hungry sissy you leave your mouth open wide as he cums all over your face. I snap a quick picture of your cum covered face to commemorate this special moment for us. 

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress