Hi, guys, I have a sissy maid laundry day story I’d like to share with you today. I hope you enjoy it! But if you’re a fan of feminization, I’m almost certain you will. Recently, I talked to one of my sissy maid subs who told me this story. I got her permission to share it here because I thought it was rather amusing. She was happy to let me share it, so here goes!

Sissy Maid Struggles With Her Washer

It all started as a regular laundry day for my sissy maid. At least until she went to start her washing machine and nothing happened. She messed around with it for a bit, trying to get to cooperate, but no luck. Eventually, she decided she’d have to make the trip to a local laundromat, in order to have clothes to wear the following week. So she loaded everything up into those canvas laundry bags, so no one could see all the different femme clothes she had in there, along with her regular male clothes. Then, she gathered her pocket change, stuffed the bags into her car, and headed out into the day to go to the laundromat. When she arrived, the place was fairly empty. She was relieved because she didn’t want a huge audience. She thought she could just play it cool and pretend that all the girly clothes belonged to her non-existent girlfriend.

Panties Galore!

Or, at least, she thought this until she remembered she’d have to separate the girly clothes and the dude clothes in order to wash them in those industrial-sized washers. She knew the femme clothes would have to be washed on a gentler cycle than the male ones. So she chose a couple of washers near the back and started sorting. She hadn’t realized when she’d packed everything up that she had worn so many panties that week!

There were panties everywhere–bikinis, thongs, g-strings, cheeky panties, all kinds. An older lady who was at a washer near the one my sissy maid was using looked on knowingly as my sissy maid sorted through her clothes. This lady kept watching as she quickly shoved her actual pink sissy French maid’s outfit into the washer. Sissy maid desperately wished she’d left that one at home and hand-washed it, but it was too late for that now. The lady had already seen it. Sissy maid started both washers of clothes and tried to avoid eye contact.

Sissy Maid Laundry Day Gets Interesting

So this is when sissy maid laundry day gets interesting. She went and sat down in one of the chairs in the laundromat to wait. She pulled a magazine out of her bag and started to leaf through it. The older lady came and sat down next to her. “Excuse me for asking, dearie, but I was wondering if that lovely sissy maid outfit belonged to you?” the lady said. Sissy maid turned several shades of red, but she knew she was busted. So she owned up to it. “Yes, ma’am,” she replied meekly. “Well, that’s wonderful!” the lady exclaimed. “I’ve been looking for the perfect sissy maid to help clean my house. It’s getting to be too much for just me to keep on top of. Would you be interested in helping me out?” And that’s how, a few hours later, my sissy maid found herself dressed in that pink French maid’s outfit, feather duster in hand, cleaning a strange lady’s house for her! After this sissy maid laundry day adventure, they have turned this whole housecleaning bit into a regular thing. The lady is kink-friendly and needs someone to clean, and my sissy maid is happy to serve.

So I think that’s a happy ending to the sissy maid laundry day story, don’t you? Do you have a wild and crazy real-life story like that one? If so, I’d love to hear it!