If you hadn’t already guessed it, yes it’s a lingerie sissy assignment. Make sure to refer to the previous lesson here. As always there will be two options to choose from, one meant to be easy so even the most private of sissy should be able to manage. And the other option is for those more daring or with fewer limitations. This lesson also includes a bonus assignment but more about that at the end. 

Lingerie Sissy Assignment Option One

This option is for those that can’t freely buy and collect lingerie. It’s going to require some effort. Remember the creative occasion section mentioned in the lesson. Since you can’t go out and get a sexy little number or put one together in the normal manner then get creative. You can use the examples I provided you in the lesson, or come up with your own plan and design. Create a sexy look using what you already have. You can easily pick up lace, glitter, or ribbon at a craft store. No one has to know what it’s for, and then start crafting something up. 

Your goal is to create a sexy look, or outfit that you would wear for me as your mistress. If you are in the gold or diamond tier please send me a photo of what you come up with. It’s not a requirement but it will be taken into consideration when reviewing your progress. Or post in EE with the description as “for sissy school”. You don’t have to include your face of course but accountability is key to this journey. 

Option Two

Option two is a lot similar then one however if you choose this option I’m expecting you to put together a sexy occasion lingerie outfit for me. Wear for me an outfit you would either seduce me in or wear to suck cock. Again I would like a photo submitted, you can be wearing the outfit or simply just have it laid out on your bed. However, I need to clearly see each piece of lingerie that makes up the outfit. You can email or post on EE with the description as “for sissy school”. Don’t be shy to glam it all up! 

lingerie sissy assignment

Bonus Assignment

We are lucky to have lesson two fall on the same day as the sissy slumber party announcement! Which is a group of lovely mistresses put together by the gorgeous Ms. Ruby, and it’s no surprise that I will be present. There’s no way I would miss out on a sissy event! Read details about it here, and sign-up if you can! If you sign-up I want you to pick out cute a outfit to wear for the slumber party. Remember in the lesson I made suggestions on what to wear for a girls’ night. Once you have an outfit picked out for the event send it to me for approval. Hope to see many of you there! 

Your Sissy School Headmistress,