lip care assignmentFor this fun, lip care assignment make sure you checked out the previous lesson and audio here. As always there are two options, however, I highly encourage doing both! 

Option One

This is fairly easy but requires commitment and being a little brave if outside of your comfort zone. If you don’t already go out and buy your first lipstick. You can pick a bold color or something like a soft to match your natural lip color. Then you will have that lipstick on you at all times throughout the week because the rest of your assignment will be to wear your lipstick every day for a week. In today’s world where wearing a mask is common, it should be easy for anyone to do this whether you are hiding it or not. 

Option Two

Personally, this one is going to be my favorite. I want you to create beautiful ready for cock lips! Whether it’s my girl-cock, or another that you are getting ready to glam it up! Get your lips looking fuckable just for me. Use glitter, or gloss, style with any colors you like, and send me a picture of the end results! Or post them up on EE! I can’t wait to see how all of these turn out. Have fun with your lip care assignment!

As always these assignments are designed to be easy and doable for almost anyone. If for any reason none of these are possible, reach out for an alternative assignment. Please know you will need to explain what about the assignment is too difficult before being given another. 

Thank you! 

Your Sissy School Headmistress,