Lip CareOk girls this lesson we are going to discuss lip care! Whether you are a cocksucker, glam sissy, or simply like to pamper yourself this should be right up your alley. I think we often forget how important having a good pair of lips is. They are a big part of our face, and we do a lot of things with them. We use them for talking, kissing, sucking, and other mouth-related adventures. 

Because of all of that, our lips are often noticed a lot more by others than we care to think about. This is why caring for them is important, as well as presenting them pleasantly to others. So first we are going to cover lip care, then we are going to take a dive into tools and tricks for creating beautiful lips. 

Lip Care Keep Them Healthy

The number one best thing you can do for your lips is to drink plenty of water. Being well-hydrated is the key to healthy lips, but what else can you do to ensure your lips stay healthy and happy. Well much like the rest of your body, the outer layer of your lips does shed dead skin, so the one thing you can do every day is a gentle exfoliation. Just warm water and a washcloth to scrub away what no longer needs to be there. This is something I do every night before bed when removing my make-up, or just washing my face. 

Keep moisturizing balm on your during your day and reapply every few hours. You can also use petroleum jelly or aloe vera. However, I find honey-based lip balms the best for my lips. Another note useful for balm is to find some lip balm for sunny days that contain protection from the sun. Lips need protection from UV rays just as much if not more than your skin. The skin on your lips is much more sensitive than the rest of your body so it’s more easily damaged. 

Here is a list of things to avoid for healthy lips 

  • Peeling, or biting your lips. If you notice dry skin, exfoliate instead to avoid further damage. 
  • Excessive sun or cold exposure. 
  • Smoking (The rest of your body will thank you as well.)
  • Avoid lip balms containing menthol, or any type of alcohol
  • Avoid balms, gloss, or lipstick that is heavily fragranced by non-natural ingredients. The more chemicals the more you should avoid. Chemical damage can be inflicted over time, and sometimes lend to irritation or worse. 

Tools For Creating Beautiful Lips 

Now we went over how to take care of our lips, now time for the fun part. Going over how to create beautiful eye-catching lips. Let’s go over some useful tools to start. 

Good Items For Creating Flawless Lips

  • Lipliner- A personal must-have!
  • Light Concealer- Creates a great base and can leave your color lasting longer!
  • Concealer Brush
  • Lipstick (Duh! Any color get creative, also try to have your lipstick and lipliner similar in shade or matching color combo)
  • Lip gloss- For glossy finishes
  • Other Fun- Glitter lip kits are popping up everywhere, and they are effective and fun and come with all you need for sparkly fun lip designs. 

Steps For Applying Make-up To Your Lips

A big part of lip care outside of maintenance is creating flawless alluring lips. When doing your lips, think about the occasion you are setting up for. In this lesson, I’m going to walk step by step how I do my lips for an erotic occasion. That’s right even a mistress likes to look fabulous when I travel down south with my partner. I want him to love the way my lips look wrapped around his cock. So take note girlies this is what I do. 

  1. First I wash my face and exfoliate my lips. Starting with a clean canvas is important. Follow this up with a pat dry of a soft clean towel. 
  2. Next, I start with a very light concealer, normally I use a shade lighter than my skin tone to apply on and around my lip area lightly. A little goes a long way so I normally just take a dab and use my concealer brush to apply on my lips and then around the outside. 
  3. I tend to go with a maroon or burgundy lip liner to create the outer shape of my lips. You can do this by tracing the outside of the lip line. I keep my liner thin, then I set the liner to the side. 
  4. Then I grab water-proof cherry red lipstick and start to apply it lightly on my lips inside the liner. Rubbing it in by pressing my lips together.
  5. I wait a minute for the lipstick to set, and follow it up with a sparkly gloss. When I apply my gloss I start with my top lip in the middle and swipe it left, and then right. Then finish the bottom lip in one swipe, and smack my lips. 
  6. After this, I look for any make-up that may have overlapped the liner, and lightly dab it away with a clean cloth. Then I reapply or bolden the liner a little bit depending on my personal preference at the time.  

The end results are sexy deep red lips that will make his cock twitch! Now is time to move on to the audio below and then click on the assignment here

Little Sneak Peek

Next lesson we are going to get a little naughty and start diving into toys that will be fun for you girlies to explore in your sissy journeys!

Your Sissy School Headmistress,


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