Sorry for being a bit MIA a lot is happening so quickly. Sometimes you love it but it’s not without the downsides. I’m a few days late getting this up cause there was some crazy winds and storms over here. So haven’t exactly been able too. I have been given an awesome opportunity to do a lot of traveling and do some fun things a long the way and have decided to take the chance. I don’t know for sure when I will be returning, it will be at least a few months however so please keep that in mind. 

First off I know it’s last minute and a bummer. However please remember to be happy for me. This is a super awesome thing for me to do before the next chapter of my life begins. Secondly I want to come back refreshed and with things sorted so I can dedicate way more time to all of you, something I’ve been struggling with during the recent changes in my life. 

What Happens Now?

Well this will be my last post I believe until I return. As while I’m out traveling and enjoying new experiences I won’t be checking messages or anything work related. Because of this my email will not be reachable, nor will I be checking any of my social accounts. I would spend all night sending messages to everyone but then I may just talk myself out of taking this time for me. So this is my short and sweet goodbye for now. 

Sending Out Lots Of Love,