Never take kindly to someone who chooses to take a situation as a excuse to be rude. Of course no one does this more then a lot of men when they target a  woman who simply meant no harm. Unfortunately, today one of them was going to learn that his ill-mannered behavior and need to be dominant would not slide. I would dominate him.

From the Beginning

My day was positively going great and that may be why I refused to let anyone get away with attempting to soil it. Treating myself to a little shopping spree, I was just about to head home with my purchases when it happened. Side stepping to avoid getting in someone’s way which made me slightly stumble and bump into a man. This brute of a man took a look at me and in the most obnoxious tone said “Watch where you are going princess” certainly wanting everyone to hear this. Seeing the look of victory in his eyes it was game over for him.

Can I Dominate Such A Troll?

Easily. Very simple the important part is they love to be admired. So I waited for my troll outside of the store and approached him. I apologized for invading his space and smiled sweetly touching his arm when I told him how badly I wanted to make up for my behavior. The way his face lit up to my small advances was precious. Poor dumb troll so easily manipulated into coming home with me, not knowing that I would dominate him. That he would soon willingly embrace my dominance over him.

Dominating The Troll: Find Weakness

My mind swirled with ideas of how I was going to show my dominance over this horny brute. The answer was right there, my big sweaty man troll was horny. Turning that around on him will certainly teach a lesson he would never forget. Politely, the order was given for him to get naked and sit on the edge of my bed. Excusing myself to the bathroom to freshen up. He never noticed what I had underneath the robe when I returned. Sinking to my knees in front of him must have been a real treat as I used just my hands to work the magic.

I’m The Dominant One Mr. Troll

Carefully teasing his cock lightly with my fingertips, using my free hand to gently cup his balls. Taking time to see what my 4 inch brute liked since it was obvious he didn’t have much to offer. Stifling my laughter I focused on the goal. Stroking and pushing him closer and closer to the edge. Until finally..he started to beg for release. “Please I’ll do anything” the troll pleaded. I stood up and let the robe fall to the ground revealing the 8 inch surprise between my legs. “On all fours” was my command. With shock and desperation he did as told. Showing no mercy dominating my troll while riding his ass hard as he was told to chant “I’m the princess now” again and again until he came all over the floor.

What a silly messy troll he was.

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,