Hello to all you cum eating fiends out there, and especially to you, Michael! I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for me to post this blog about you, so now without further ado, here it is.

Guys, I would like to introduce you to Michael, my cum-eater extraordinaire. He recently began actually eating his own cum for me, after fantasizing about it for literal years. Up until a few months ago, he wasn’t able to get past that initial hurdle of tasting it for the first time. He desperately wanted to do it while jerking off, but once he shot his load, he lost all interest. (I’m sure some of you guys have struggled with that problem as well.)

Just A Little Push

But it was Mistress to the rescue (as usual!) because I had a plan to get him to eat it for me. I had him jerk off for me into an ice tray–several times, actually–and freeze it. Then, before we talked the next time, I had him thaw the cum cube out. Once it was completely thawed, he called me, and I instructed him to touch just the tip of his pinky finger to the thawed cum and taste it. He was a little apprehensive, but because his cock was still hard, he was open to suggestions. So he tried it. And the rest is history.

Michael has, since then, wanted to include cum eating in all his phone sex fantasies and in his daily life, too. I’ve been helping him think of different ways he can incorporate cum into his food and drink because he finds that incredibly exciting. And I’m right there with him–I think it’s very exciting, too! It’s fun to see what kinds of different foods and drinks I can get him to pervert before he consumes them!

So far, I’ve had him cum in his morning coffee as a little extra cream before he drinks it. I’ve also had him add an extra protein shot to his morning smoothie and also mix his cum in with salad dressing to pour on a salad.

A Crafty Cum-Eater

Michael actually had a fun cum eating adventure this very week. He had brought another salad to work for lunch and had intended to mix his cum in with the salad dressing before he left home. He was running a bit late that day, though, and didn’t have a chance to do that. So he thought he’d do it while he was at work.

He forgot to add the secret ingredient to the dressing before he put it on his salad, though. So what was he supposed to do? If you guessed that he locked his office door, whipped out his cock, and stroked it all over the top of the dressed salad, you are absolutely correct. He jacked off above the salad and came all over it. Then, he tucked himself away, unlocked the door, and sat down to eat it!

Tonight, I’m having him prepare a nice dinner for himself. He lives alone, so it won’t be a problem to add the secret ingredient. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to have him make yet. What do you guys think? A nice pasta dish for cum eating purposes with the secret ingredient added to the Alfredo sauce? Maybe some sort of fish dish with a sauce? Perhaps some broccoli and cheese on the side with cum added to the cheese sauce? Or maybe I’ll be particularly wicked and have him make himself a large steak and then jerk off on top of it and eat it with the cum directly on top of the steak, not mixed in with anything. Hmm…so many options for a cum eating guy!

Maybe I’ll even have him make a dessert of some sort and add it to the cum eating fun. What do you guys think about having him make a cake? He could glaze the top of it with his very own secret glaze! I think that would be fantastic, actually.

What Are Your Cum Eating Ideas?

I know I’ve been having a lot of fun leading Michael down this rabbit hole of cum eating adventures. But don’t let him fool you. He’s been loving it, too! Every minute of it, to be honest. I know he craves new and different ideas for cum eating every day of his life. And I’m happy to supply new ones as long as I can! But I’m feeling very generous today, too. I’m thinking maybe you guys could help me think of some new things Michael can try. So why not leave me a comment or give me a call to offer your very own cum eating suggestions to Michael and me? I would love to hear what you think!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress,