Today is the day to start a new year off right. So let’s start it with a New Year’s Sissy assignment for all the gorgeous girlies who need it. Don’t worry it’s very simple and doesn’t require much. Plus it’s easy to do even if you don’t have a lot of privacy during the holiday. 

New Years Sissy AssignmentNew Year’s Sissy Assignment

The must-have is access to a mirror so sneaking off to the bathroom is completely acceptable. A glass of champagne, wine, or sparkling grape juice whatever your preference for toasting in the new year may be. Now dressing and getting glam up for this is completely optional. I would highly encourage you to sneak at least a little lipstick on if you can. Once you are ready it’s time to complete the New Year’s sissy assignment. Standing proudly in front of the mirror and raise your glass. Now you can toast to whatever you may like but I have a couple of suggestions. 

  • Here’s to a new year of girlie fun and kinks. I yearn to feminize more and continue to grow my girlie collections. I proudly wish to take the necessary time to explore my feminine urges, to eagerly take more steps to become the woman I want to be. This will be a better and girlie year!


  • Here’s to a new year of exploring my inner slut. I’m ready to be on my knees and serving delicious thick man meat. I don’t want to be nice and shy, I want to let my inner slut shine this year. I’m going to strive to be the best sissy slut I can be this year!


You can pick one, do both, or toast to want your sissy desires are to be this year. Have fun girlies and here is to the new year!

Your Sensual Teasing Mistress,