Come on in curious cocksucker it’s why your here right? Cause you were summoned by those two little words curious cocksucker, obviously you are one. Simply by continuing forward and taking a read there is a little tiny part of you that has been a bit cock curious. Whether it’s only in moment of sensual desperation or a long-term desire that has become more and more inescapable. Regardless the need to open-up is lurking and I’m here to feed it! 

Let Me Indulge You

I’m going to describe a hot scenario I found myself in just a couple days ago but I want you to imagine you are me! Imagine it’s your opportunity to feed that curious cocksucker instead you. A little test before you perhaps give in and try for the real thing! Ready, relax and let’s play with your imagination. 

The bulge of his pants suggest my gentle teasing of my hand along the front of his pants was just enough to cause his cock to swell. Kissing from the outside, I could feel his heat radiating through the fabric. Few seconds later he was releasing his 9-inch manhood from his jeans and gently rubbing the soft head against my lower lip. Sticking out my tongue teasing his tip and gaining control by reaching up to grip the base with my hand. Allowing me to explore his shaft with my lips and tongue…..

You so want that don’t you? Or perhaps you would be a little less patience then me and quickly take the whole cock into your mouth if such an opportunity arose. So quick to gobble it up cause you’ve been fantasying about it on and off for such a long time. I want to help you with those urges, to teach you and get you prepared to such cock with a purpose. Suck cock and serve me! 

curious cocksuckerFrom Curious Cocksucker To My Cocksucking Minion! 

You’re still here? Which means you do want to please me but becoming my Cocksucking minion knowing the place you belong is on you knees sucking like a well trained champ! I’m here to make sure you are trained to be the best cock connoisseur you can ultimately be. Why? Well just listen to this! A little sound snippet courtesy of my time with Mistress Oliva, and Mistress Erica. Want a little more context you can even learn a bit more why I’d be the best mistress to share your Cocksucking desires with then check the full episode here!

I’ve given you a lot to think about and enjoy already! So why delay this any longer just let me play with you curious cocksucker. Pleasing me is just an extra bonus for indulging the craving that’s behind all your best orgasms! Let’s connect and enjoy some naughty cock feeding adventures together. It will be a yummy time. Better yet let’s make it a party! Multi-mistress calls are still 20% off for the rest of the month with only nine days left to take advantage I highly advise it to spicy up your good time. 


Sensual Tease Mistress