Surprise! I’m the mistress of the month for this November, and I’m very excited. I like to say thank you to those that voted for me, and all of you who love spending time with me. If you already read the daily cock post then you know the specials I have going but I’m going to go over this month’s fun below anyways.

Mistress Of The Month Special

First off I’m offering 5 free minutes to any new callers, or callers who haven’t called me in over a year. That extra 5 minute is great for asking questions, or just describing what you enjoy and what to do with me. Then for all calls over 30 minutes, you can get 5 minutes added to your call. Any over 60 you get 10 and you can get a 5-minute custom audio on me plus your added 10 minutes. You must specify you want the special with connecting with dispatch it won’t be applied automatically. Just ask for the mistress of the month special to be applied to your call.

Also, I’m holding a little poetry contest for a chance to win 10 free minutes with me. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m asking for you to write a poem about why you are thankful to your mistress or mistresses. Poems will be submitted to the group I will be creating on E.E. So make sure you have an account to join in on the fun!

Special Thanksgiving Skype Chat

This year I have a small group of people to cook for. This means I’ll be spending a lot of time early Thanksgiving day in the kitchen by myself and a little bored. I MUST remain in the kitchen. Why? Because I’m easily distracted and this is how I burn food. I’m not much of a cook but slowly I’ve been trying to get better, so what better way to keep me in the kitchen than having a distraction there with me.

So I decided to create a Skype group for Thanksgiving day between the hours of 7 AM & Noon Eastern for some fun chatting. It will be a great experience to just hang out and chat with whoever wants to pop in. The only rule is to remember it’s an open chat so be respectful. We are going to try to keep it PG-13. Keyword= Try. If you would like to be added to the group chat for Thanksgiving, just fill out this form. I will create the group a couple of days before to ensure I grab everyone.

Thank you all again, I’m going to love being your mistress of the month!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress,