ms rileys scheduleMs. Riley’s Schedule

This new schedule kicks in Friday, Jan 20th it will be my new permeant schedule. Appointments can be requested for the middle of the week but a 24 hour notice is required.

Friday – Monday – 4 AM – 10 AM EST

For setting up an appointment outside of my schedule the best days to do so is Saturday and Sunday anytime before 8 PM EST. Thank you!

Things To Remember About Ms. Riley’s Schedule

Please refer to my schedule when thinking about setting up an appointment.

If you have not had the honor of playing with me and are curious if we will connect well, please do not hesitate to send an email ahead of time. My inbox is always open and I tend to reply as quickly as I see them if I’m not preoccupied. Send any inquiries for calls, appointments, or audio questions to However please note I am not a fan of big long text walls out of the blue from first-timers. Because of this, if you want to send me a story please do the polite thing and ask first. If not there is a good chance if that first line isn’t a real hook, I will probably dispose of your story.

Thank you!


Ms. Riley