About Me

Sensual Tease MistressWelcome to my blog, I’m Mistress Riley. I will also accept Princess, Queen, Goddess, Tormentor, Key-holder, Minx, all as terms of endearment towards me. I’m a sensual tease mistress if you haven’t guessed already. I enjoy a variety of kinks and fetishes, and I greatly enjoy taking control by teasing you closer and closer to the edge. Wrapping you around my pretty little finger with no way of escaping me once I’m inside your mind. Like a naughty, sexy ear worm turning your every thought about me!

So what about me personally sure you are a bit curious about that. Well I’m enjoying my roaring 20s of course! I got engaged earlier in the year 2023 and enjoy a mostly female-led relationship. Meaning for the most part I get my way and at the end of the day he get’s his. I enjoy traveling, art, reading, and I dabble in writing from time to time. I’ve never been all that great talking about myself as I enjoy learning about others. Their lives, struggles and victories always fascinate me often more then my own. Just one of those people that believes everyone stories important.

So you have a little introduction about me let’s going what I specialize in as a sensual tease mistress!

  • Sissy Training – I love being a sissy mistress. Everything from girl-talk, anal training, and my favorite COCKSUCKING! Which I think cocksucking is incredible erotic whether you are a sissy or not!
  • Cock Control – Cock control to be covers a few things. Like JOI when I instruct you to stroke your cock for me until I say yea or nay if you get to finish. Or perhaps I’ll go the ruined orgasm route or completely lock your cock away in chastity until I see fit!
  • CEI – Probably one of my favorite topics is the art of cum-eating. YUM! Let me tell you how!
  • Sensory Play – For those unfamiliar with sensory play I’m talking about focusing on the senses while your aroused. Perhaps we are introducing smells, taste, or depriving the senses through bondage play. It’s a large scope but one I appreciate and adore greatly as someone who enjoys a little game of hot and cold myself!
  • Roleplaying – I love playing the strong female lead you desperately need in your fantasy, or even a more submissive role as I am a switch mistress if you didn’t know.

Now I love a lot of different kinks and fetishes so if you are not sure if I cater to your cup of tea reach out to me at riley@enchantrixempire.com the worst thing I can say is “No”.

Love My Voice?

Well lucky for you I offer custom audios for your listening pleasure. So you can listen to your favorite sensual tease mistress whenever the mood strikes! To learn more about getting my sensual voice playing in your ears check out what I have to say about that here.

Thank you again for visiting my blog and I look forward to what may come.

Your Sensual Tease Mistress,

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