Welcome To My Audio Page- Find Fun And Erotic Audios, And More!Fun and erotic audios

Welcome to my audio page! Here you can listen to same erotic audios that I’ve created as well as sample of audios that are currently on sale. Some audios are from blogs so I’ll make sure to provide a blog link for your to refer too. Audios below will be broke up into categories for easier navigation on my audio page.

Should you like my voice and have an interest in getting yourself a custom audio check out my erotic audio profile to learn more about how to make that happen.


Sissy Audio’s

Here is an old public assignment back from 2019 encouraging you to go get your nails done! Enjoy the audio below.

Another old sissy assignment from 2019 enjoy!

Another great sissy bikini assignment!

Did you check out my quick Sissy Guide To Showing Off Your Feminine Features?

What Panties Would You Pick?

Spooky Sissy Costume Ideas For Halloween!

Sissy Lesson About Talking More Feminine With Lesson. 6+ Minutes!

JOI/Edging Audios

Mini-Masturbation Challenge Audio is on sale here! Preview is below, and check out the masturbation challenge here!

Honestly can not find which post this audio went to but the message is fantastic 😉

From my JOI Game blog, let’s play Mistress Says!

Cocksucking Audios

Here is a cocksucking challenge!

The fan favorite my “Gotta Suck A Dick Song“!.