Have you ever met anyone who was addicted to cum? I have. I’ve actually met several of you, but the one who sticks out most in my mind is Ralph. Ralph called to tell me his story recently, and he gave me permission to share it with you guys, so here goes. Hope you enjoy!

A Little About Ralph

Ralph is a chronic masturbator. He loves jerking off and does it pretty much every day, and sometimes even more often than that. He’s done this for as long as he can remember. Because he does it so regularly, Ralph likes to try to spice up his masturbation routine from time to time. He’s tried a number of things: guided masturbation, extended orgasm edging, anal play, etc. He’ll sometimes fixate on one of these things for a while before moving on to another. Lately, he’s really been into playing masturbatory games with himself.

A few days ago, he started challenging himself to see how far he could shoot his cum, as one of his little masturbation games. He got really into that for a little while, seeing how far in front of himself or how high into the air he could shoot. It became a pleasant little diversion for him. He also learned that the more he edged himself, the farther he could shoot.

So, anyway, one night, he was playing this “edge and shoot” game with himself. He edged a number of times to build up a good amount of cum inside his balls so that he could shoot a long way and hopefully beat his old record. This particular night, though, he forgot to point his cock in the direction he wanted to shoot (which was forward) and instead ended up shooting it all over his face and into his own mouth!

Addicted To Cum

And that’s how he began his “addicted to cum” journey. Once he tasted it for the first time and marveled over how good it was, he found he craves it all the time now. So of course, he called me to tell me all this and to see if I could help him.

Personally, I don’t see a single thing wrong with a guy who eats his own cum. I actually think it’s kind of hot. So I’ve been helping him go farther and farther into cum eating. He’s been doing it more and more lately, and now he’s (accidentally) addicted to cum.

Ralph never thought before that fateful night that he’d ever be a cum eater. It just wasn’t something he thought about. He knew in the back of his mind that some guys do like eating their own cum. But it was never anything that interested him. So imagine his surprise when he first shot it into his own open mouth and discovered that he liked the taste and feel!

So I’ve been helping him along with his cum eating games. I started out just having him give himself self-facials, like he did that first time, by accident. Then, we started having him cum onto things like his fingers or a plate and eat it off. That creates a somewhat different experience than shooting it directly into his own mouth does. And lately, we’ve been really getting into mixing cum into his food or drink. We’ve let him cream in his morning coffee, into his breakfast cereal, and on top of a dressed salad so far. I’m looking forward to having him do more of this (and am open to suggestions for different foods or drinks he can cum onto or into, if you guys have them!).

Never Going Back

Ralph is totally addicted to cum at this point. He knows he’s long past the point of no return, and he’s perfectly fine with it! I think, deep down, he knows that he was always born to eat cum like this, and he’s accepted it pretty easily. He’s just eager to keep exploring with me. And you know me, I love the idea of a guy being addicted to cum, so I’m happy to help him along.

I’m thinking that on our next call, I’ll have Ralph make some cum cubes by freezing his cum in an ice tray. Then, he can drop the frozen cubes into his drinks anytime he wants! He won’t even have to take the time to jerk off if he’s in a hurry or something. He’ll have the cum right there at hand, anytime he wants it. I think this is a great thing for a guy who’s addicted to cum. Don’t you think so?

So tell me, guys, are you like Ralph? Are you, too, addicted to cum? Or would you like to be? Let me know, and I’ll be happy to help you become addicted to cum as well. I wouldn’t complain if every guy I knew ended up with a cum addiction!