Oh how I’ve missed you all. Sorry for taking some time away but I didn’t want to pass up a terrific chance to adventure around and have some fun. I’m settled back home and have been for a couple of weeks. Just collecting myself and preparing to dive back into my favorite world of fetish and kink! I’m sure you have a couple of questions so let’s address that all here and save us some time!

Where Did You Go?

I travelled to a handful of states, visited various museums and zoos. It was wonderful taking in sights and new facts, and stories I hadn’t heard before. I love antiques, ghost stories so I took advantage of the many spooky tours offered in New Orleans and had a blast. As for who I was with, many of you already know I’m in a long-term relationship now and recently had gotten engaged before my leave. So we were both traveling around and enjoy the stresses of being on the road and traveling together. 

When Can We Catch Up?

Great question here! As I come back to my world of fetish and kink. My official return day will be July 1st. I will be working Wednesday/Thursdays, and Saturday/Sundays in the early mornings to afternoon hours. Hours will be posted on my schedule page. Appointments available only on Fridays during my off hours. You are welcome to email me before the 1st to set up appointments during my first week back if your worried about connecting. I will also be doing Skype calls for those that are curious to have my lingering eyes on them. 

I promise not to go any where for a while. There are no travel plans, or any big events for over a year out at this point. Even then there is nothing on the horizon that would require me being gone like this again. So let’s have fun and get into our fetish and kink mindsets together!

Grrr Mr. Gator


P.S. Enjoy some nature pics from my travels so at least I didn’t come back empty-handed. 😛 

Your Sensual Tease Mistress Returns,