I’m writing this out today as an invitation to you, to let your voice be heard. I’m curious to know what do you want to see more of. What topics do you desire to explore? Maybe you want more erotic stories like my dendrophilia story a few months ago, or perhaps more assignments? We all know there is a lot to cover in the world of kink and fetish that it’s easy to let some things get over looked.

Share Your Thoughts

So what I’m asking of you is very simple. Share your thoughts and wishes to me. Either comment below the topics you wish to explore and in what format. Erotic stories, informative blog, or erotic audios. Content I create is made for you so here is your chance to come forward and request what you wish to see. To shy to comment? Then just reach out to me via email at riley@enchantrixempire.com and send your request there. I look forward to receiving your input!

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