It was recently requested that I write a blog about how to tease me. I’m sure you’re curious just where are my special little spots are, and just how I like it. So let me give you a brief look into my teasing preferences. Just in case you get the pleasure to provide me a little satisfaction. Now before I go on and on about me, keep in mind these are tips about how to please me. Some of these tips may work for other ladies but this little let’s call it “Beginner’s Guide To Tease Ms. Riley” is all about what I like. So keep that in mind in ways I may be similar to others and different at the same time.Β 

Let’s Talk About My Breast

Now the normal spots like a nibble on my ears, kissing down my neck will certainly give me goosebumps and make me squirm. However if you really want to tease me and get my engine started you should know just how to handle my breast. Now they can tender and sensitive at times and although I love having my nipples licked and sucked. It’s my left breast that really loves it! Teasing my left nipple with your tongue while you gentle massage gives me the tingles down where you want it. Trust me, I know how to tease me!

The key with handling my breast is always gentle. I don’t like them squeezed hard or motorboated, haha sorry. I want them worshipped with care and even the slightest touch can really get me going! So what’s next? You could travel down to my sweet temple of pleasure but before I tell you just want to do with your mouth there. Why don’t I tell you another tip that gets me wet!

Starting From The Very Bottom

My feet, I love having them worshipped. Feeling you caress and massage them in your hands is a delight. But over the years I have learned I actually really love having the soles of my feet licked. Not small little licks, but a big long one. Right from my heel all across the sole of my foot. Follow it up with some gentle kissing up to my ankle and I’ll melt for you. Then you can start back up to your journey up my legs where I’ll be wet and so welcoming to what your mouth will be doing next!

Good To Know What Your Doing

Now it’s good etiquette to know I get mine before you get yours. That’s why it’s good to have a little quick guide on just the right ways to tease me. So when you find your mouth ready to bring it home you know what your doing. So I prefer a lot of focus on my clit. Most ladies do if I’m being honest it is the most senstive spot. However you should know to handle with care.

I love a soft feel of a warm eager tongue, gentle caressing on the side with a gentle overlap back and forth. No quick tongue licking mind you. It should all be gentle and easily paced. If I feel you rushing it will throw off my whole groove. You’ll know you are doing a good job if you feel my hips pushing forward and into you. Don’t stop and keep going and then….

Well I can’t tell you everything! Some things you will just have to learn for yourself, but I hope these short little tips and suggestions can pave the way for you doing a terrific job at teasing me and so much more!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress