naughty day of xxxmasI’m here to help share with you all the fun mistress holiday. I have a couple of things coming up that you may want to keep in mind as we sleigh in closer and closer into Christmas! Before I go on, and on about my festivities make sure you are up to date on what the rest of my naughty friends are up too. Check out the naughty days of XXX-mas treats here!

12 Days Of Phoenix

If some of you were not already aware my sexy girl-crush Phoenix has been running a cock radio show since the 5th of December that will continue until 16th! Every week day morning at 9 AM EST. Now you may be wondering cool, but why am I mentioned it as the first thing of my list of treats coming to you. That’s because I will be joining her on the last day on the 16th! That means you can join in Friday morning on cock radio to listen to our naughty little episode. I promise you will love it, so join us at 9 AM EST the morning of the 16th!

Mistress Holiday Cheer Just For You

The 19th is my special day for the naughty day of XXX-mas. On this day you will be able to pick between 3 custom exclusive audios if you do a call with me of 20 minutes or more. You get all three if we do a whole hour together! For more details on this giveaway refer to my previous post here! To make it easier to find you to know when to catch me I’m sharing my schedule for that day in advance. I will be working from Midnight to 6 AM EST and 6 PM To Midnight EST on that day. You are welcome to ask for a specific appointment time on that day in advance as long as it falls between those time frames. Please if scheduling an appointment do so before the 18th I will not be giving same day appointments on the day itself.

Christmas Day

Finally the big day itself, Christmas! I will be here on Christmas day to help spread mistress holiday cheer for all! My hours for the day will be random as I’ll be enjoying a bit of holiday cheer myself however I will be here for holiday fun! 

Mistress Holiday Cheer

Spoiling me for Christmas is certainly an option. If you want to get me a physical gift your can check out my Throne Wishlist here. Check out my Amazon Wishlist here to send me a gift card to allow me to spoil myself on your behalf! All gift cards should be sent to my email


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