“Hello, it’s time for your sissy treatment at the enchanted spa!” the lady at the desk says. “Your Mistress, Ms. Riley, booked you for the full treatment today, so why don’t we go ahead and get started?

Time For A Most Deserved Sissy Spa Day!

“First of all, let’s have you change from your street clothes into this nice, fluffy spa robe here. Once you get changed, I’ll have some tea ready and waiting for you.”

You take the robe from the lady and disappear into the dressing room to get changed. Off come the regular clothes until nothing is left, and then on goes the robe.

Sure enough, when you come out of the dressing room, the receptionist is holding a mug. She hands it to you and leads you to the nail salon part of the spa. You take a sip as you sit down in one of the chairs at the pedicure station. It tastes good, but not like anything you’ve ever had before.

As the nail technician begins your pedicure, you continue to sip at your tea. It’s helping you relax just as much as the warm water your feet are soaking in. Another nail technician comes by to suggest colors for your mani/pedi. Of course, you choose a bubblegum pink!

Once the pedicure ends, you’re at the bottom of your mug of tea. Now, it’s time for your manicure. You’re going to look wonderful with your fingernails and toenails matching in such a lovely shade.

Magically Pixie Dust!

However, there’s a little something going on that you’re not yet aware of. The tea was actually filled with magic pixie dust. Because of that, you’ll soon notice your body starting to feel (and become!) more feminine. But first, your sissy treatment manicure.

As the manicurist begins carefully shaping your nails, you can feel your body getting a bit tingly. You shrug it off, thinking it’s just excitement at this wonderful sissy treatment you’re receiving today. And part of it *is* just excitement. But that’s not all that’s going on….

When your manicure is finished, it’s time to head to the waxing studio. Another worker in the spa leads you to it. You’re instructed by the fairies working there to ditch your robe.

“Already?” you ask nervously.

“Yes, please” they reply.

You do as they ask, without looking down at your body. So you don’t notice the fact that your hips seem a little wider, your thighs a little more rounded….

The “waxing” studio actually ends up not being painful at all. In fact, it doesn’t even involve any actual waxing! The fairies who are doing it simply removes all the hair on your body–except for that on top of your head–with a flick of their hands. It’s wonderfully painless experience. You make a mental note to ask me if you can come back here for another magical sissy treatment.

Full-Body Massage

Now, it’s time for a full-body massage. You look fantastic now, your nails done and all the hair on your body removed. The massage is the part of the sissy treatment you’ve most been looking forward to, so you eagerly make your way over to the massage tables.

These fairies begin by working on your neck, shoulders, and back with some lightly-scented massage oil. You carry a lot of tension in those areas, so they put some serious muscle into it to break up the knots there. You can feel yourself relaxing even more. The tea is also doing its job, even though you haven’t noticed it yet. Your shape has become much more hourglass-like, and your calves and ankles have slimmed down a bit.

Be The Woman You Always Wanted To Be!

After they finish the back of you, the fairies have you roll over onto your back to expose your front. You’re still naked from the waxing, so you’re a little embarrassed, but they act totally professional about it. You watch as they start to work on your chest now. To your utter surprise, as their hands massage your pecs, a set of large, perky breasts appear.

You lie there in total shock for a moment, and their hands make their way down further. They reach for your cock, and you sit bolt upright. But it’s too late! Your cock has shrunken down into a clit, and your balls have split into a pair of pussy lips!

At first, you’re horrified. You’ve always wanted to be a woman, but not this way. You never thought the sissy treatment I booked for you would go this way. But as the fairies’ hands soothe your body, you gaze down at yourself and think, “Wow, I am really, really sexy now!”

Shortly thereafter, the massage is finished. But the magic pixie dust doesn’t wear off. It looks like this feminization is going to be permanent! But, truthfully, you don’t mind at all. You’re just grateful that I got this sissy treatment for you so that you could become the woman you’ve always dreamed of becoming!

Your Sensual Tease Mistress